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Your custom built DWS Technology pc come with 2 years warranty, so you know your covered


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Build Your Own PC, With DWS Technology

Each and every build your own pc we have manufactured has been custom built to our customers’ specifications. Before you start to build your own custom pc below is some information what you should read to get a better understanding about build your own pc.

In fact, part of the reason that Dell’s computer business was so good a few years ago was the fact that upgrading was a pain and buying a new computer was the best option.  The issue came in when you had the old PC just sitting there once you noticed that none of the parts from the old computer, fit into the new one.  Motherboards can be very flexible, but most of the time when they are stuck into pre-made PC’s they are built with very little upgrading in mind.  With that being said, using a custom build your own pc is easier than trying to find special parts that are made for just a few models of motherboards.  Buying a new computer from the company is the only thing that is built into the initial price that you pay for it.

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